The second multiplier event of our project organized by Efeler Public Education Center was held on June 9, 2022 with the participation of 93 target audiences. This event consisted of 2 stages. At the first stage of the event, the game was told to the target audience with all its components. After that, all participants were asked to play the game. At the stage of playing the game, the game's playability adequacy was measured by referencing the Usage Booklet. There were one-on-one discussions about the intelligibility of the game's visuals. Due to the fact that the game is still at the design stage, the download process could not be tried. However, the installation of the game's application was tried with the way it was sent via communication tools. It was observed during the study that the game's rulebook was sufficient. Because each participant who read the rule booklet was able to play the game without having to ask too many questions. However, at this stage, it was also found that peer learning takes place from the players' dialogues with each other. Some of the participants who had enough digitally found the game too long. However, when we considered the necessary reinforcement to achieve the desired behaviour change in individuals, we came to the conclusion that the duration and content of the game are quite appropriate.